About me

Hi Beauties,
It’s Sangeeta from Calcutta, the City of joy. Current location Bangalore. Welcome to my Nano Particle space of blogging world. I am an MBA and currently honing leadership skill in my own Organization (My Sweet Home) with a loving and caring hubby..

Hey can't we call our Home an Organization?  Oh Yess, absolutely!!
See …. Both of them have like minded people joining hands towards a common goal and most importantly both of them have their ups and downs!!

Okay now, FYI until I got married I was mostly a “Compact, kajal and lip-gloss” person but when I started knowing the world of colour therapy, it just sucked me in and I got into this roller-coaster ride!!

For Reference My skintone  : Medium Indian skin tone
                        My Skin type :Normal to dry
                        My hair colour:Black
                        My eyecolour: Dark Brown

This blog is my window for all those fav things that interest me ranging from beauty, fashion, trend, skincare, hair care to my favourite DIY's with a doze of my everyday life thrown in at random.

Here I will be sharing my personal encounters with various products (not the so-called OTT ones but the reasonable ones) and brands that I keep on experimenting with.

One important thing I would like to share (although it's really hard to get in India but  ...) I am trying and testing mostly cruelty free products so for more information you can visit my cruelty free page for the same.

Why WooingBeauty?

 I am recently  in love with my MAC Ruby woo lippie so much that it's the first word came into my mind while choosing a name for my blog & that's how my WooingBeauty Happened!!

For any beauty and fashion related query please mail me to wooingbeauty20@gmail.com. I will be trying my level best to guide you.

Thank You