Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Forest Essential Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra honey , lemon & Rosewater Review: WooinBeauty Exclusive

Hi Beauties,
Hope all of you are rocking as usual!!

The Festive season has already started its cheerful journey towards Christmas and New Year.
Just last week, was its first stopover, in the form of ThanksGiving !!

I hope all of you could get hold of some of the rocking deals that were present during that time.

With less than a month to go before Christmas, I see the winter chill slowly but surely blossoming into its full form.

I see the winter jackets are coming out from the closets, fashionable scarfs are making their presence felt in the Zaras and Mangos and last but not the least I see the “Not so Pleasant” delicacies of Winter also have started making their presence felt.

Since the winter has knocked our door and blessed us with dry and dehydrated skin I guess all of us have started battling to keep the skin soft,smooth and supple without disturbing the ph balance.

The very first thing in the morning we do is to wash our face with a gentle cleanser to kick off the day with a fresh start. Isn't it?

Yes!! Today I am reviewing a face wash from the house of well known  luxurious Ayurveda manufacturing company 'Forest Essential' 

Product name: Forest Essential Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra honey , lemon & Rosewater
Product Size/Quantity: 200ml/6.76 fl oz
Product Price: 875 INR
Product claims:

Direction to use and Ingredients:

Product Packaging:It comes in a beautiful long rectangular looking transparent plastic bottle having a nozzle with a transparent cap.The golden rim near the nozzle throws in some posh feel.

Product Colour: It's quiet interesting, when seeing from outside the colour of this face wash looks like a luxurious mustard golden one and when pumped on palms it's absolutely transparent.

Product Consistency: This face wash is having a very light water based liquid consistency.It's not too runny but on the thinner side.

My Encounter:
  • This golden tinged face wash when pumped onto my palms the first thing that had mesmerized me was it's beautiful inviting aroma. I am deeply in love with this luxe rosewater and mashorba honey scent. There is nothing synthetic about this fragrance as even now after using this over a month the fragrance is still the same. 
  • As per the SA,each time I only need two pumps for the full face so I did stick to her advise.
  • It's a soap free face wash for sure as it does not lather much or should I say it doesn't at all on me. Which is perfect for Autumn/Winter seasons.
  • After wash experience is pretty good as my skin feels hydrated and it does brightens up my skin immediately for a while.
  • It does not make my skin feel stretchy or doesn't give any dry patches which is the need of the hour for my skin.
  • It does not wash my heavy make up properly since it's a mild face wash so not complaining on this.
  • I think It's more on the pricier side but that got justified by the quantity given, as for me it will easily go more than 2 months.
  • Apparently the same face wash was not behaving right a month ago rather I was a bit skeptical using this one as it was not showing any stark difference from my regular batches, but certainly with the change in weather It's working perfect for me.

  • This is a very mild soap free face wash that does the cleansing  job pretty well.
  • It retains the PH balance of the skin which is why it does not feel stretchy after  the wash. 
  • The aroma of this face wash is the USP of the product.
  • This face wash is having goodness of lots of ayurvedic ingredients.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Cruelty free( Does not tests on Animals)
  • This face wash belongs to a luxurious ayurveda brand so the price is a bit dampener.
  • It's not a travel friendly bottle(The company should come up with a small sized bottle)
  • It can behave differently in different whether so in different skin.
  • It is not a holy grail kind of product for me.
  • Unless you are looking to try some luxurious face wash you can give this a skip.( at this price or even in lower price range there are plenty choices can be made) 

WooingBeauty Verdict: Good

Repurchase: No.This face wash will last for quite a while, and since I get bored pretty quickly using the same face wash I most definitely would try some other ranges.

Have you used 'Forest Essential' products?Which one you liked the most?
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