Wednesday, 6 November 2013

'Teknique Facial Scrub': Wooinbeauty Exclusive review

Hi Beauties,
Today I am going to review 'Teknique facial scrub'  I had bought during my recent visit at Westside, Orion Mall, Bangalore.

For the last couple of weeks my skin was going through some good  makeup and colour wars so I had included scrubbing to my daily cleansing routine. 
I am using this scrub for more than a fortnight and thought it's a good time to share my views on this product.
Read on to know more about this product,

Product name:      Teknique Facial Scrub with Aloe Vera
Product Quantity: 200ml
Product Price:       INR 349/-( I got this at a discount)
Product Ingridients:

Product Claims:
Aloe Vera Facial scrubs gently exfoliates without over drying , leaving skin silky smooth and free from impurities. Aloe Vera has natural anti bacterial and healing properties.

Directions: Squeeze a quarter sized portion onto your palm, add a little water. Apply to skin in gentle circular motion, no pressure needed. Use 2-3 times a week. 

My encounter with 'Teknique facial scrub': 
  • As seen in the picture above,the product comes in a simple tube packaging with a green flip flop cap (the size of the tube is huge).
  • The scrub is milky white in colour and having light creamy texture which is non-greasy.
  •  The scrub is having fine salt like granules that is very mild on my skin and gives a nice fresh scent while using it.(I dont know what type of scent is this)
  • On days, I am using this scrub I usually skip face wash or cleansing milk as this does both together.
  • After scrubbing I find it to be instant brightening and true to it's claim to be non drying.
  •  The quantity required is more compare to my other scrubs, which is annoying.
  • I am using it as a body scrub too as the tube is huge and liking it that way.

  • Although it's written on the tube to be used weekly 2-3 times but according to me this is a daily use scrub which has micro-granules so it's not at all harsh on my skin.
  • The formula is creamy so it is good for normal to dry skinned beauties but I would say since it is non-greasy oily skinned beauties can use it too.
  • This does give smooth skin after scrubbing for good  5-7 mins.
  • This is non drying and does not irritate my skin. 
  • The scrub is mildly scented and nothing overpowering.
  • It does claims to be having Aloe Vera which is good for soothing skin.
  • The tube packaging is hygienic and preferred.
  • The quantity is huge so can be used for 2 months easily (if someone uses on a regular basis).
  •  The price is quite affordable.

  • This scrub is not very effective in terms of scrubbing function as the micro-granules does only okay type job.
  • Its better to be used as a creamy face wash and not a scrub.( as I am comfortable with my walnut scrubs)
  • I am not sure of the claim to be 'free from impurities' ( BTW how do I know if my skin is free from Impurities? do you know that?)
  • It does contain quite a lot of chemicals including Dimethicone which I try to avoid in general.
  • It does not give me a full squeaky clean face.
  • The brightness goes off after a while.
  • Availability can be an issue as it's only available at Westside.

WoonBeauty Rating: Fair

Repurchase: Hmm.. No. I wont be buying this again and will try to explode other brands in the same price range.
But if you are looking for a very mild scrub for your daily usage and you are having oily skin then you can always give this a try.

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