Saturday, 30 November 2013

Faces makeup Haul: Wooingbeauty Experience

Hi Beauties,
Today I am not going to do any product review, instead I am going to show you my small haul which I did during the heavy discount offered by an online website ''.
 I guess all of us know they are throwing attractive offers these days on many segments and I couldn't resist to try my hands once.
In general, I skip purchasing makeup stuffs from online stores as I can never make out the colours properly and also it gives me immense happiness when I touch and try makeup stuffs Physically.

Read on to know my experience.....

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Forest Essential Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra honey , lemon & Rosewater Review: WooinBeauty Exclusive

Hi Beauties,
Hope all of you are rocking as usual!!

The Festive season has already started its cheerful journey towards Christmas and New Year.
Just last week, was its first stopover, in the form of ThanksGiving !!

I hope all of you could get hold of some of the rocking deals that were present during that time.

With less than a month to go before Christmas, I see the winter chill slowly but surely blossoming into its full form.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

MAC Cremesheen Crosswires lipstick review: Wooing Beauty Exclusive

Hi Beauties,
Today I am going to review a lipstick that I am using off late (mainly during evening outs), and specially when I don't want to put in efforts on eye makeups. 
The product is none other than than MAC Cremesheen Crosswires lipstick.

Read on for my full review...

Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Birthday: My First ever OOTD( Outfit of the day) post

This is my First attempt to do an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day for the first timers) commonly phrased in the Blogging  world of Fashion and Beauty.

Hence you have to bear with me with the quality and details which I shall be upgrading myself with 'TIME' hopefully.

The purpose of-course was my Birthday and My wish to do an outfit post for a while, so what could be the best time to start with?
Yes, I Thought Birthday is the answer for this.
My Beloved  MR. SR took a holiday just to spend quality time with me... and in the afternoon time we planned to watch the movie we had skipped during the last weekend.
Yes, You are right we finally saw Goliyon ki ras leela Ram-Leela, my god It's such a big name..( I generally skip SLB's movie as they are long duration movies, which kind of suffocates me )
Later in the evening we went to our favourite place at  ITC Gardenia, Bangalore for the (Pre-planned by MR. Sr) 'Candlelight Dinner'. 
Now,I hope you all enjoy the pics and please be kind on your words... don't be harsh.. 

Small Details about this OOTD:
Dress          : Avirate
Shrug          : Mango
Bag:            : Esbeda
Shoes:         : Metro
Watch:        : Guess

Friday, 15 November 2013

Product reviews of my "The Nature's co. October Beautywishbox": WooingBeauty Exclusive

Hi Beauties,

Today I am going to review the products that All of you had seen in my TNC's BeautyWishBox post here

The winter is slowly making its footprint in this side of "The Bindhas". Having felt the opening onslaught, I was a bit dodgy lately, but now hopefully everything is back on track.


Product claims:
'Enriched with exotic fruits; Removes dirt and impurities; Moisturises and makes your skin soft and supple.

Wipe off all dirt and impurities with our Mixed Fruit Cleansing Cream. Enriched with fruits extracts such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple, Peach and Papaya it gently cleanses your skin removing impurities while its moisturizing properties give you a smooth, soft and supple feel. Massage a small amount gently on your face using circular movements. Then either rinse with warm water or wipe with wet cotton pad. Can be used to remove both eye & face make – up

Ingredients: Raspberry fruit extract ,Strawberry fruit extract ,Kiwi fruit extract ,Apple fruit extract ,Peach fruit extract ,Papaya fruit extract ,Vegetable Glycerin.'

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

HI Beauties
Hope you all are doing great!! I am very happy to be nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Fiona Furtado from . I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Also let me mention two of my sweetest  Fellow Bloggers: 
Krithi Marla from and  Riz from who had earlier nominated me for Liebster Award. Thank you very much for your nominations.

The Award
 "The Versatile blogger award is an award given to you from your blogger peers, for writing quality posts that have somehow touched them, having good quality photographs, and the uniqueness of  the subjects covered. The award is to honor the bloggers who bring something special to your life."

Rules Of The Game

  • You have to be Nominated to win this Award.
  • In your post, Please Thank the fellow bloggers who have nominated you and don't forget to include their blog link.
  • Try to nominate the deserving/interesting fellow bloggers for this Coveted Award.
  • Finally tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Seven Trivia's About Me !!  

  1. My Father is my Hero.
  2. I am very passionate about Western Music and the rock/pop culture.
  3. Electronic gadgets In My order of preference: Desktop, Music System, Laptop, Land-Phone, Tab, TV
  4. I love travelling and Beaches are my favorite destinations.
  5. I am a bit "Crazy" when it comes to Cleanliness.
  6. I was very much an "Obese Teenager".
  7. I never overhear people ("to a ridiculous extent" according to my Hubby) , and most of the times this causes a lot of Confusion :)

Fellow-Bloggers whom I nominate Are:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

'Teknique Facial Scrub': Wooinbeauty Exclusive review

Hi Beauties,
Today I am going to review 'Teknique facial scrub'  I had bought during my recent visit at Westside, Orion Mall, Bangalore.

For the last couple of weeks my skin was going through some good  makeup and colour wars so I had included scrubbing to my daily cleansing routine. 
I am using this scrub for more than a fortnight and thought it's a good time to share my views on this product.
Read on to know more about this product,

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Happy Diwali and My first Diwali Giveaways winners

Hi beauties,

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!!

Today I am formally announcing two of the lovely 'My First Diwali Giveaways' winners
And they are 

  1. Fiona Furtado
  2. Subha Bose (Candy Crow)

Congratulations girls on your win.
 Please send me your details to my email id.

P.S.  Please do specify, if you want e-vouchers sent to your e-mail IDs or regular gift vouchers mailed to your House Addresses. 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Nature's co. October Beautywishbox: WooingBeauty Exclusive

Hi Beauties

Before I embark into my today's post let me give you one final sweet remainder about my First Diwali Giveaways Here....

FYI you have only 24hrs to get yourself in the contender list !!

Today I am going to show you the goodies I had received in my October Wedding Special Beautywishbox from The Nature's co.

Well here is how it all started .....
After seeing the below-mentioned advertisement I had placed my first online order with them.

Read on to know more ....

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Maybelline Volum Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara Review !!

Hi Beauties,

Hope you all are enjoying this festive season to the core.
After being poked a number of times by some of my sweetest readers I have decided to go ahead and do a Mascara Review.

So, today I am going to review Maybelline Volum Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Diwali Giveaways !! Shoppers Stop Gift Voucher !!

Hi Beauties

Wishing You and Your loved ones a Very Very Happy and Prosperous Dussehra !!

May God Almighty bless us with ALL the colors of the World and take away ALL the stresses so that our glows become eternal !!

Though it was my First Durga Puja in my Home Away From Home aka Bengaluru, I did enjoy it to the tee.

The weather was nice, people were happy, the pandals were at their aesthetic best, and most importantly, the traffic was really smooth.

"If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Fur Behind " .....Shelley

So do you see what I mean ......

The Arrival of Durga Puja and Dussehra signifies the advent of "Diwali" the festival of Light and Crackers !!

I have decided to kick-start this festive season with my very own "Giveaways".

It is the first of this kind in my blog, and since today marks the 1st  month of my Little Baby it is Very Special to Me.

So Read on to get the Full advantage ........

8 Fun Filled Ways to Win Two INR 1000/- Shopper Stop Gift Vouchers ! !
                 (Ends 1st November, 2013)

Prizes For You
Two Shopper Stop Gift Vouchers each worth INR 1000/-

Rules of The Game
  • Enter Using the RaffleCopter Widget As Given Below
  • You can enter in up-to Eight ways to boost your chances of Winning.
  • As mentioned earlier the Giveaway ends on November 1st, 2013.
  • There are mandatory as well as optional tasks in the To-Do list.
  • Boost your chances by earning Extra Brownie Points by sharing the link (as mentioned in the contest page)
  • For Full Terms and Conditions Refer to the Widget.
  • Please Note, Only my Indian Readers can take part in this contest this time :)
Once Again let me iterate you need to fulfill the following 3 steps to be a valid contestant !!

  • Subscribe via E-Mail (You can see the space at the top right corner of this page)
  • Like "Wooingbeauty" page in FaceBook.
  • Follow via Google+ (Click "AddCircles" button at the bottom of this page)
  • IN case you face in difficulty in logging in via FB for the contest please use "Name/Email" combo option as suggested to log in.

The rest 3 tasks are optional, doing them will increase your score and hence your winning chances :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations Fiona and Candy Crow on your win.
I will collect your details shortly.

To all my Sweet Readers who had generously participated and made the contest  a success , thanks a ton, and Wish You and Your Family A Very Happy And Prosperous Dhanteras and Diwali .

Stay tuned for more !!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Paint Review ( Part 2)

Hi Beauties,

Here is your next dose of Maybelline Colour Show Nail Paint!!

Today I am going to do a quick post on nail paints that were left last time round.

If you want to know about Product Details or want to check out, what you had missed last time please visit m

In the mean time I have added one more paint bottle to my colour show repertoire, during my recent visit to the H &G outlet.

Moving on let's see what we have on our hands now !!....

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Inglot Makeover session and My haul

Hi Beauties,

How was your weekend?

Before I divulge the details of mine, let me start with a very interesting anecdote.
Last week I had participated in a contest led by “INGLOT India Cosmetics” to win a free makeover session at Bangalore Phoenix Mall.

After they had announced me as one of the winner I got a call from them and as instructed, I had booked my schedule on Sunday.

Besides the fact that it was kind of out of the blue, I was pretty thrilled to know that I have won something !!

Since I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect, I decided to just go with an empty mind and relaxed and chilled out Sunday mood !!
I was told to connect with Luci, the Senior MUA at the outlet.
She was warm, welcoming and at the onset she had let me know that it was going to be a full make-up session where I could learn some useful tips and nitty gritties of make-up.

So without much adieu, here is my Before and After makeover session pics..

The MUA had spent almost quarter to an hour, to complete the makeover.
During the stint, she was quiet amicable and answered most of my questions/doubts without any glitch.
I liked the mix of bonhomie and professionalism in her.

I will upload my makeover session video that my lovely Mr. SR had captured thoroughly so that you all can get some valuable first hand tips on makeup applications. I do think, application of this kind is an integral part of makeup.

Once the makeover was done, it was time to get pampered all over again.
Looking at my interest and energy, Mr. SR had asked me to pick up things at random.

So what can I do? I mean don’t you think it’s a crime to not indulge in makeup shopping when you have full blown licence for it …..
So here are glimpses of my sojourn with the colours of Inglot

I will be updating my experience with the newly bought Inglot Products in the coming weeks. So stay tuned :)

So what do you think about my makeover session?
Did you enjoy my haul?
Please share your thoughts in the comment box.
I love having your feedback..

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn/Fall 2013 must have Jewelleries

Hi Beauties,

As I say often, I am a confirmed shopaholic when it comes to Accessories.

A well worn and carefully chosen Accessory not only accentuates your looks but it can add multiple colours to your personality.
When I go out, in the absence of any suitable accessory, like most of you I also feel incomplete.

The October has begun its slow journey, the Festive season is almost at our doorstep, so it’s high time we take a step back and check out the new trends or the Must Haves in Autumn/Fall-2013 Accessory collection.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Faces Glam On Blush: For Instant glow

Hi Beauties,

Today I am reviewing a product from the clan of well known, FACES Canada Cosmetics Brand.
Since its entry in early 2009, Faces products are doing well in Indian market. I guess till date they have over 30 city presences (the exhaustive list is available at their website)
From my own experience I see that strong presence in retail and exclusive outlets across India is probably their major strength.

Read on to get a full blown review of the product ...

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Maybelline Color Show nail Paint:First day First show!!( Part1)

Hi Beauties,

 Some of you may be wondering why I am writing back to back nail enamel posts….

Actually I can always give you the clich├ęd high street model’s quote “There is never enough colour on your nails” …..

But let me give you the honest version.

Ever since I had seen actress Alia Bhatt showing off her nails wearing these candies (in a newspaper clip) I was kind of looking forward to the launch of Maybelline Color Show nail paints.
I actually committed myself to review the product whenever I get a hold of it.

I was so eager to check them out at the first chance; I literally had an altercation with the gate keeper of a H&G shop which was closed by the time I had reached there. The poor guy kept saying “Kaal bhi ham log rahenge !!”

But finally I got in and made the purchase, well, not a single SA, but there was this workaholic cashier who was there in the shop at 10 PM on Sunday!! The patient guy had shown me the way and allowed me to hoard 7 of the 20 available shades from his outlet.

What happens when you finally get hold of the first day fist show ticket after all the knickknacks ….

Hmm… read on for the full review,....

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nail Paint Review : Bourjois Paris 10 days No Chips Nail Enamel

Hi Beauties,

Have you ever wondered how we associate ourselves to a new product?

Well there might be umpteen number of good/bad publicities, brand advertisements, celebrity endorsements (basically the usual theatrics) which the companies can do to allure us into !!

But both of us know that we are very very particular and at times very (insanely ?) instinctive when it comes to checking out a brand.

Actually as independent and educated fashionistas of the  new era we love the phonetics and pay a lot of attention to the adjectives associated with any product.

More often than not we try to judge a product category from its tag line :) (Believe me its true !!)

There are words like “Classic, Royal” which when used in proper way and quantity give us a sense of aristocracy about a product, similarly adjectives like “Posh, Delicate, Cosmopolitan” renders feminity to the image of the product.

Well, then how about “Middle-Class” as a full blown product tag name.

Surprised? well read on !!!!! …….

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lakme CC Cream : A Wooing Beauty Exclusive !!

Hi Beauties,

Hope all of you are rocking as usual!!

The festivals are knocking at our doors. Thanks to ever accommodating Mr. SR I am kind of in the middle of a Shopping Binge.

The sad part is, this is going to be the first Durga Puja in my life where I will be staying away from my City of Joy. 

On the flip side, I am going to enjoy and experience the Durga Puja in Bangalore in its full flow.

All girls will agree “We need time to Shop”. 

Simply just going to a mall and visiting some pre-planned shops and buying predetermined merchandises (like the way Mr. S.R. loves/wants me to do) does not work for us.

When it comes to shopping, I can’t just make "a" list, I need to visit places, “touch” the merchandises, feel the product, smell the fragrance etc. etc. then only I can buy them.

So when it comes to festive season it has always been a series of “long but rewarding” shopping sessions for me.

Anyways, coming to the product that I am going to review today, it is the recently launched Lakme Complexion Care Cream a.k.a CC cream.

Actually to be honest I didn’t have a good enough experience with BB creams from Maybelline and Garnier ( I read somewhere some company is coming up with a DD cream. I guess enough of alphabetical jugglery …lol )

So this time I was a bit apprehensive with this product.

However the ever persuasive SA was finally successful in convincing me to bring it home.

Read on for the full review…!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Retail Heal @ Bangalore Inorbit Mall

Hi Beauties,

In today's day & age when everything ranging from traffic jams, rains, potholes, salary increments, Bollywood movies, MSD's hair style are getting so predictable, being contrarian actually helps in every aspect of urban life :)

Believe it or not, each one of us have our own recipe for it.

Well let's see how, In lipstick world "Red" was always the monopoly of our Mothers and Aunts, but the moment you and me started using it, we became the coveted contrarians. And we all know we were NOT wrong.

Similarly "Loafers" until very recently were perceived as Men's shoes. It was some imaginative minds like yours and mine,  who have changed the world view on this.

Next time try one pair if you haven't already, it's fun :)

We became the member of contrarian beauty gang when we had crossed over  from "the regular no frill styled Blouses to Well Knit and Coveted Designed Blouses".

I can go on, but I guess you got my point.
Be Contrarian it spices up your attitude.....

Well I guess enough of my Blabbering, I feel I am getting better at it day by day :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tuesday Trend: Love Story of Neckpiece & Neckline!!

Hi Beauties,
I feel for any love story to have an impact, you need the chemistry between the pair to stand out…

The same thing happens with our looks.
It only succeeds when our Neckpiece and Neckline get engaged in a happy matrimonial!!

Trust me, if we don’t get the pairing right, even with all our best make ups our looks can really go south.

Today I am going to share some very interesting insights on this topic.

You may ask why I suddenly went this way; well I got into this discussion while searching for an answer 

What was my Question? Read on…….

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Swatches: Lakme Reinvent 9 to 5 collection!!

Hi Beauties,
Hope you all are having a good time with your loved and peer ones!!

Thanks to globalization today, in 2013, we have thousands of brands from across the globe, at our fingertips.
We can choose our suitable makeups according to our Skin types, Skin tones, Occasions …there are zillions of options out there….

However there was a time when the Indian cosmetic giant Lakme was the reigning queen of Indian Make up space.
Quality and Lakme was synonymous.

I bet most of you out there have sweet memories/stories associated with the brand Lakme.

As far as I remember Lakme was first introduced to me by my mother. You know how?
Back then, I remember my mother used to feel good, whenever she used to buy Lakme lipsticks or loose powder etc etc.
She used to apply those makeups on me during my School Annual Functions!!
Even after decades Lakme has a special place in my heart ….

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday Glows !!

Hi Beauties, 

Thank God its Weekend !!

Saturday is the day of indulgence.
Be it late rising, having merged breakfast & lunch (I call it Home Made Branch), reading books, listening to music, taking photos and last but certainly NOT the least enjoying late night parties (well in Bangalore its up-to 11 PM :) )etc etc.. 

But amidst all these hob-knobbings where is the time to get the touch up done on ourselves?

Remember all of us have a duty to full-fill.....

We must look our best when we step out :)

Well the conventional way is to go to a salon get the touch up done, but for a lazy Saturday afternoon, that's like getting ready twice(once for salon and the next for the actual outing) and drive to my nearest salon( In my case I have to ask Mr. SR to do the favour but he screams....what its Saturday morning right?)

So for these lazy times my DIY's (Do it yourself) help me out from all these nitty gritties... 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Faces Longwear Eye Pencil in Dark Green!!

Product name: Faces longwear Eye pencil in dark green
Product quantity: 1.15gm
Product price: Now 349 INR (I bought this at around 249 INR)

My encounter with faces longwear eye Pencil in dark green: In general, when I go out during daytime I tend to use coloured eye liner instead of eyeshadows . This saves lots of time and gives me that instant eye make up look. I do own 4-5 different coloured eye pencil apart from the staple black eye pencil. Now faces dark green pencil is very creamy and almost smudge proof so if you want to soften the edges after lining your eyes you just have to be pretty quick. If you have an oily eye lids then apply some loose powder before lining your Eyes.There will be some product wastages since it's an eye pencil and that need sharpener. 

It will suit most Indian skin tones. This remains for upto 7-8 hrs and then fades to a lighter shade on me. It adds that drama you need at times.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My First post: M.A.C ruby woo lipstick!!

Hi Beauties ,
Ho Subharambh Ho !! This is the maiden post of my blog. 

I guess its time for usual disclaimers : I have no idea what to write, how to go about it, but most importantly I feel this is my own space I can write my mind here.
 So without much adieu, today I am going to review my recently found love and that is none other than the much hyped MAC Ruby Woo lippie.

Product name: MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
Product Quantity: 3g/0.1oz
Price: 990 INR