Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Faces Longwear Eye Pencil in Dark Green!!

Product name: Faces longwear Eye pencil in dark green
Product quantity: 1.15gm
Product price: Now 349 INR (I bought this at around 249 INR)

My encounter with faces longwear eye Pencil in dark green: In general, when I go out during daytime I tend to use coloured eye liner instead of eyeshadows . This saves lots of time and gives me that instant eye make up look. I do own 4-5 different coloured eye pencil apart from the staple black eye pencil. Now faces dark green pencil is very creamy and almost smudge proof so if you want to soften the edges after lining your eyes you just have to be pretty quick. If you have an oily eye lids then apply some loose powder before lining your Eyes.There will be some product wastages since it's an eye pencil and that need sharpener. 

It will suit most Indian skin tones. This remains for upto 7-8 hrs and then fades to a lighter shade on me. It adds that drama you need at times.

Dupes / Alternatives: Coloressence Premium Eye Shade Pencil Ce Dark Green (120 INR). If I come across any other brand I will update that for sure.


·       Faces longwear Eye pencil in dark green has smooth texture which means you don’t need to tug your eyes to line it.

·        Since this is not a liquid eye liner you have much more control while lining your eyes.
·        It is really longwear so true to it’s claim.
·        According to me this shade is in between teal green and emerald green .
·        Quite affordable.
·        Available online as well as offline.


 WB Verdict: Excellent

RepurchaseYess!! Definitely . I just love them. Shall purchase other shades as well but I want them at 249 INR. So have to keep my eyes on during sale!!




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