Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My First post: M.A.C ruby woo lipstick!!

Hi Beauties ,
Ho Subharambh Ho !! This is the maiden post of my blog. 

I guess its time for usual disclaimers : I have no idea what to write, how to go about it, but most importantly I feel this is my own space I can write my mind here.
 So without much adieu, today I am going to review my recently found love and that is none other than the much hyped MAC Ruby Woo lippie.

Product name: MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
Product Quantity: 3g/0.1oz
Price: 990 INR


only one swipe!!

My encounter with Ruby Woo Okay!! Now M.A.C Ruby woo is a cool toned red lipstick and insanely pigmented  that gives you that retro matte feel. I bet you better be super careful when you apply it. For example, in just one swipe it gives me that full coverage even on my uneven lip. It is a must to exfoliate and moisturise with a good lip balm. It doesn't look good on my chapped lips so it’s worth the struggles I make before putting this up. It stays for good 3-4 hrs. with light snacks and beverage.  It leaves a stain after that with a hint of pink on my lip. It instantly gives you the pop when you need and that "ohh so" classic look. It has a bit drying formula so make sure you use the lip balm accordingly. This look quite flattering on most Indian skin tones, so it will go with most of the Indian attire as well as with those sexy LBD’s.

Dupes/Alternatives: May be Revlon really red ( Slightly different,I have seen this online for 550/- INR)
If I come across any other brand I will update that for sure.

·        I love this shade for the instant glam look it provides.
·        It stays on for a good amount of time because of the matte formula.
·        Sturdy packaging.
·        Fragnance free.
·        Semi transferable.
·        Pricey (well it’s M.A.C!!)
·    Only available at their flagship store. (M.A.C has no online store in india)

WB Verdict: Very Good!!

Repurchase: Umm not sure, I guess I wont be able to finish it up soon so my next purchase would be more intense M.A.C RiRi woo for sure.

So do you own this product? how do you wear it? share your experience here in the below comment box. 

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