Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tuesday Trend: Love Story of Neckpiece & Neckline!!

Hi Beauties,
I feel for any love story to have an impact, you need the chemistry between the pair to stand out…

The same thing happens with our looks.
It only succeeds when our Neckpiece and Neckline get engaged in a happy matrimonial!!

Trust me, if we don’t get the pairing right, even with all our best make ups our looks can really go south.

Today I am going to share some very interesting insights on this topic.

You may ask why I suddenly went this way; well I got into this discussion while searching for an answer 

What was my Question? Read on…….

I am an avid lover of accessories that includes hair accessories,(hats,bands),charm bracelets, bangles, unique one piece jewellery to different shaped bags (some of them are really weird).
One of the recent add-ons in this category has been various types of scarves due to its versatility.

But yes, among all these accessories my love for “Statement Neckpieces” is the ultimate winner.

Whatever I do, as a person, I am always curious to know, how it can be done in a better and efficient way.
And off course my personal objective of this space is to share that learning with you all…..

I always had this confusion as in today’s day, when we are like spoilt for choices between innumerable sets of neckpieces, how do I know which neckpiece will be appropriate for what type of  attire.

Having said that, my research on this topic, led me to a very interesting set of knowledge.

Let’s have a look at this picture that is comprehensive enough for all of us.

Now seeing this picture it makes my choice quiet easy whenever I am confused. I hope this helps you too.

In general we mostly get below mentioned types of necklines for our western wears and designer Saree-Blouses. There could be more but for today I will be talking about only these Six Necklines.

Types of Necklines:

Turtle Neckline: We all must have at-least one of this top as it’s a kind of a staple during  winter season. This obviously has high neck that covers your full neck. Earlier I used to skip accessorizing this but now I have the idea how to style it with a  proper neckpiece.
To style this neckline go for sweater /longer chains with a chunky pendent.

Crew Neckline: In crew necks nothing is defined, so in order to make the neckline prominent it is better to go for some stunning collar/bib neckpieces. FYI I am not fond of this neckline as it makes my shoulder boxy. grr!!

Scoop Neckline:  These are a bit tricky when it comes to stylisation. Since it is a bit low neck in general, so tactically you should cover the open area with some neckpieces that has multiple strands of beads or chunks of stone pendants or add layers to it.

Strapless Neckline: Now if you are going for a dare to bare upper torso then glam it up with some stunning chokers. Now when you want to go for a more feminine or romantic look add layers to make it softer.

Square Neckline: My favourite Neckline!! 
This needs some sort of angular neckpieces to accentuate the overall look.
As you can see in the first picture these are angular pendants that adds some sharpness to the look. Try to experiment with geometric patterns as well.

Off shoulder: Another favourite of mine!!Show off your shoulder with some asymmetric neckpieces.
I’d say you can also go for long two toned chain or simply go for pearl long chains with some floral side pendants as well.

Note: This is entirely based on some research and my experience so feel free to experiment with your look and do not forget to share it with me.

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