Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Retail Heal @ Bangalore Inorbit Mall

Hi Beauties,

In today's day & age when everything ranging from traffic jams, rains, potholes, salary increments, Bollywood movies, MSD's hair style are getting so predictable, being contrarian actually helps in every aspect of urban life :)

Believe it or not, each one of us have our own recipe for it.

Well let's see how, In lipstick world "Red" was always the monopoly of our Mothers and Aunts, but the moment you and me started using it, we became the coveted contrarians. And we all know we were NOT wrong.

Similarly "Loafers" until very recently were perceived as Men's shoes. It was some imaginative minds like yours and mine,  who have changed the world view on this.

Next time try one pair if you haven't already, it's fun :)

We became the member of contrarian beauty gang when we had crossed over  from "the regular no frill styled Blouses to Well Knit and Coveted Designed Blouses".

I can go on, but I guess you got my point.
Be Contrarian it spices up your attitude.....

Well I guess enough of my Blabbering, I feel I am getting better at it day by day :)

It was a rainy Wednesday, the usually "contrarian" day of mall hopping. Accompanied by the omnipresence of Mr. SR I headed straight to Bangalore Inorbit Mall. 

Located in the midst of pristine architectures, besides being a soothing candy for the eye, this mall is one of the best, for someone like me, who just hates queues in shops.

Honestly this place is a staple for me for those days when I just want to indulge in some beauty and skincare goodies and don't want to be lost in a crowded boat :)

They actually have a variety of stores ranging from well known “Health & Glow” to renowned French rivieras like Yves-Rocher, US brands like M.A.C, Clinique etc etc.!!

I wanted a grand way to kick start my Puja and Diwali shopping . 
So here I was ....

I enjoy the calmness that I experience when I shop here. 
Have a look at what I got for myself..yippee!!

Now coming back to my Retail Heal, I was passing by this Luxurious Ayurveda Forest Essential shop and suddenly the aroma stuck into me and called my senses to attack the store. The SA was pretty helpful and by looking at my skin she identified mine is a normal to dry skin.She then tried out few products on my hand from which I decided to buy the Facial cleanser Mashobra Wild Honey and rosewater and bonus? she gave me a sample of FE eternal youth formula date and  litchi.(I will review that soon) yayy!!

Remember it was a day of indulgence for me .....

So from there I headed towards M.A.C to check out their much hyped Crosswired pinky coral lipiie . The MUA was free so I asked him to find me a good concealer that will suit my skintone and to give me a good coverage. 
He then tried some and finally settled down to Studio finish concealer with Spf 35.


lastly, I Got my hands on this Aztek print Shrug from Latin quarters in ash and navy blue which I liked at first sight.

All in all this was a grand day for me. A very good way to kick start my festive shopping :)

Hmm So, did you enjoy my Retail Heal? Do let me know your coveted comments.
Also tell me what product you want me to review first ? 

Please do hare your experience here in the comment box, in case you have tried any of the goodies discussed in the post.