Cruelty free

Hi Beauties,
Just spare one moment and have a look.

I know, you cannot make out why I have uploaded the above picture.....hmm..
I guess you guys may not be aware of the fact that everyday numerous animals like Guinea pig, rabbit(bunnies),rat (the list goes on ….) are silently being butchered recklessly under the coveted name of ‘animal testing’ by some of the well known cosmetic or personal care brands/companies.
Various beauty and skincare products starting from low end daily household cleaners, to high street fashion goodies, many of them commit the sin daily.

Either the product makers themselves directly with the full product line or their chemical ingredient suppliers carry out numerous testings on this animals.

So are we up for this?

I guess a resounding 'NO' would be the answer for most of us. 

I am an animal lover so naturally I don't want to hurt them or can see or hear them getting hurt.

Now when I came to know about the random attack is made by many cosmetics giants on those little Bunnies and read about the awfully painful tests which cause suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals every year., I was shocked
Now from the PETA India site You can get a list of companies, brands that do not tests on animals. (I do not consider it to be a comprehensive one but yes some info is always better than having   no info at all)
It is quite sad that we don’t yet have any detailed database available in public domain for cruel/non-cruel products. However I did try to gather some data from PETA's official website, and some other reliable web sources and shall be updating the same in future as well.
This is Not entirely possible to avoid them at one go as I have explained there may be hidden ingredients that are 'not cruelty free'.

Here is the list of brands/Companies that do not tests on animals:
·        Bath & Body Works (Limited Brands)
·        Body Essence
·        Cholayil Private Limited
·        Dermalogica India
·        Forest Essentials
·        Future Skin (V)
·        H2O Plus
·        Krya (V)
·        La Senza
·        Lotus Body Botanicals
·        LUSH Cosmetics
·        Nature's Way Ayurvedic Products
·        Omved (V)
·        RDM Care
·        Shahnaz Husain
·        Surya Brasil
·        The Body Shop
·        The Essential Oil Company
·        Trumount Cosmoceuticals (V)
·        Vicco Laboratories
·        Victoria's Secret (Limited Brands)

I always believe in the clich├ęd concept of “Informed Decision”.
I am an avid animal lover myself. But even with the best of intentions there are some areas where you can’t get “Absolute Cruelty Free Product Line”.
So my job is to appraise you about the opportunities.
It’s like whenever you step out to buy some products, you should know what alternatives are their if you feel to use “Cruelty Free Product” for some reason.
Always remember “It’s the Choice we make that defines who we are” …..

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