Saturday, 30 November 2013

Faces makeup Haul: Wooingbeauty Experience

Hi Beauties,
Today I am not going to do any product review, instead I am going to show you my small haul which I did during the heavy discount offered by an online website ''.
 I guess all of us know they are throwing attractive offers these days on many segments and I couldn't resist to try my hands once.
In general, I skip purchasing makeup stuffs from online stores as I can never make out the colours properly and also it gives me immense happiness when I touch and try makeup stuffs Physically.

Read on to know my experience.....

The offer:
Inline image 1

My Experience:
I personally felt that the website was quite easy to navigate. Just by clicking on the link given in the Mail (that I had received) I  directly landed into the offer page. 

The process was smooth as I didn't have to search the product catalog under the offer. All the relevant information were right there.

Anyhow there were several products listed covering ranges such as, 



BATH & BODY  Tools  and many more 

As mentioned earlier I am not good at choosing colours online so I thought to skip any foundation, compact and concealer and take the opportunity to buy some eye shadows that are eye-popping  and lip-glosses that I haven't tried so far.
Hmm I also bought a coloured eye pencil. 

Products bought by me:

The products were delivered within 2-3 working days and It came in an usual cardboard cartoon with lots of crumbled thermocol to protect stuffs inside.The products were secured with bubble-wrap packaging to prevent breakage.  

P.S The only thing that disappointed me is the fact that both the Eye-shadows are having 12M expiry sign and the imported date is December 2011. 

Now my confusion is since the product had no seals or something that proves it wasn't opened and the sign indicates after opening the product can be used for 12 months, I am not sure whether to use it or not.
Do you have any clue?

Otherwise all other products are well within expiry dates. So my overall experience is okayissh type. I won't suggest you to buy eye-shadows but one can choose many other products they have listed. 

This is a limited period offer so  I suggest if you want to buy something from the house of Faces brand, go and grab the good deals now.

Have you taken any offer from this online store?
How was your experience? let me know through your comments..