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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday Glows !!

Hi Beauties, 

Thank God its Weekend !!

Saturday is the day of indulgence.
Be it late rising, having merged breakfast & lunch (I call it Home Made Branch), reading books, listening to music, taking photos and last but certainly NOT the least enjoying late night parties (well in Bangalore its up-to 11 PM :) )etc etc.. 

But amidst all these hob-knobbings where is the time to get the touch up done on ourselves?

Remember all of us have a duty to full-fill.....

We must look our best when we step out :)

Well the conventional way is to go to a salon get the touch up done, but for a lazy Saturday afternoon, that's like getting ready twice(once for salon and the next for the actual outing) and drive to my nearest salon( In my case I have to ask Mr. SR to do the favour but he screams....what its Saturday morning right?)

So for these lazy times my DIY's (Do it yourself) help me out from all these nitty gritties...