Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn/Fall 2013 must have Jewelleries

Hi Beauties,

As I say often, I am a confirmed shopaholic when it comes to Accessories.

A well worn and carefully chosen Accessory not only accentuates your looks but it can add multiple colours to your personality.
When I go out, in the absence of any suitable accessory, like most of you I also feel incomplete.

The October has begun its slow journey, the Festive season is almost at our doorstep, so it’s high time we take a step back and check out the new trends or the Must Haves in Autumn/Fall-2013 Accessory collection.

My today’s post is about Autumn/Fall-2013 jewellery trend that is going to hit the market or (in some cases) have already made its debut in the shelves of some of the “well talked about” High-end fashion houses.

Until a few years back, in India, we didn’t have much opportunities to check out the seasonal trend changes in Accessories, over Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall-2013 (am I missing any season? I guess no!!).

However, the entry of top Spanish and US retail giants like ZARA ,Mango or BEBE (and others)  it has been possible for all of us to have a first hand Idea about the on going trends, designs, seasonal changes and the proverbial “In things” in fashion.

So this post is an extension of me where you can see that latest Jewellery patterns, Designs and Metals which are going to dominate the market in the upcoming festive season.

These are some of the trends in jewellery which are most likely to rock this Autumn/Fall-2013 season.

I have made a semi-detailed selection of accessories to help inspire you to find your Autumn/Fall-2013 Must haves:

Autumn/Fall-2013 Jewellery Must-Have Ring:
Do you love rings? I am talking about those big chunky “over the top” rings that says look at me and overpowers any your basic outfits.
Well, bold rings are in so, a chunky geometric/metal/gem stone will complement the whole look.

Autumn/Fall-2013 Jewellery Must-Have-Necklace :
A Bib necklace which has that “dripping with jewels” look, all in one is a stunning piece.
Have you tried wearing them with your semi formals, I got the idea from the above pic. Do u like it?
A Bib Necklace is in my buying list for long but couldn’t find a suitable one for me so I just saw this one at ZARA which I think I will be picking up soon.

Autumn/Fall-2013 Jewellery Must-Have-Hand-Cuff:
A Cool toned Gold Cuff is an easily available accessory and is very much “in” for this Autumn/Fall.
So go easy and adventurous with a spiked cuff as it always adds an instant elegance to Autumn/Fall’s bold to casual looks. You  can try multi coloured jewel encrusted cuff for the extra 'Oomph' factor

Autumn/Fall-2013 Jewellery Must-Have-Earring:
Now if the Autumn/Fall-2013 is so much about bold how we can forget Bold Dangle Earrings?
It gives ‘oh-so’ Retro-chic look; some international brands actually recommend throwing in a ponytail and to dazzle your way.

Autumn/Fall-2013 Jewellery Must-Have-Pendant:
A Minimal Pendant has always been (and will always be) in trend. The word ‘Subtle’ is best described by this kind of chain with pendants.
So go with one, if you are feeling like it.

Do remember, if you are wearing great outfit which is already getting the “much needed attention”, do punctuate it (subtly) by adding one chic pendant necklace. A pendant really stands out over a solid-colour top.
Try it and let me know.

Here are some more to choose from...

image coutesy: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

A Small Note: This Autumn/Fall, wherever I go, I see Black and Gold are the dominating colours in most of the international brands.
So if you are planning to spend, on some trendy jewellery, get few of them in these colours.

Do you like this article? Have you bought similar jewelleries in recent times? Send me the picture and I will be sharing with you all.

Let me know what kind of fashion you would like to sport?