Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nail Paint Review : Bourjois Paris 10 days No Chips Nail Enamel

Hi Beauties,

Have you ever wondered how we associate ourselves to a new product?

Well there might be umpteen number of good/bad publicities, brand advertisements, celebrity endorsements (basically the usual theatrics) which the companies can do to allure us into !!

But both of us know that we are very very particular and at times very (insanely ?) instinctive when it comes to checking out a brand.

Actually as independent and educated fashionistas of the  new era we love the phonetics and pay a lot of attention to the adjectives associated with any product.

More often than not we try to judge a product category from its tag line :) (Believe me its true !!)

There are words like “Classic, Royal” which when used in proper way and quantity give us a sense of aristocracy about a product, similarly adjectives like “Posh, Delicate, Cosmopolitan” renders feminity to the image of the product.

Well, then how about “Middle-Class” as a full blown product tag name.

Surprised? well read on !!!!! …….

 Not too attracting right ??

Well when I came to know (thanks to the "toota-foota"  French Mr. SR learnt in his college days, I thought it was learnt more out of boredom rather than any special love for the French language though :) ) that “Bourjois” is nothing but “Middle Class” in French I was like, well who knew …....

It’s like we feel “Please Respond” as very clich├ęd but “RSVP (Respondez Silvous Play) as its smarter a.k.a. corporate counter part”

So let’s go with the flow and acknowledge that being French can be Smarter at times .

Let’s see if the product could leave up-to the expectation that I tried to cook (I guess in simmer) until now :)

Read on to get the full review…!!

Product Name:    Bourjouis Paris 10 days No Chips Nail Enamel

Product Quantity:   9 ml/0.3fl.oz

Product shelf life:  36 months (Approx)

Product Price:        470 INR

Product shade:  No.17 ( Based on their site) 
It’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bottle…strange!!

Product Claims
“Painting your nails is now hassle-free! The 10 DAYS nail enamel contains a chip resistant pro-silicium formula and a precise angled touch-up brush for a flawless chip-free manicure with a quick and easy application. The pro-silicium formula acts as a protective barrier to protect nails from chipping and makes them 2x as strong*.  The brush has been specially designed for a 2-way use. Wide and angled, it perfectly adapts to the nail shape, for an even application from the very first stroke. Its slanted tip allows you to touch up with ease leaving no marks or chips. Available in 12 shades from natural tones to classical reds and fashion trendy bright colours!”
“All our nail enamels are formulated WITHOUT using:  - Formaldehyde - Toluene - DBP - Acetone - Phthalates.”

As you can see in the picture, the opening cap is half tapered for a good hold, and the bottle part of the nail enamel is rounded at the top, and square at the base.

Product Colour
This particular shade is a slight variation of Hot Fuchsia Pink which is quite similar to the Maybelline Express Finish in Fuchsia.

Product Texture
This has probably the perfect formula to wear with ease and and it has semi matte finish.

Product coverage
It does give a very good coverage and also matches the colour of the bottle.

My Encounter with 
Bourjouis Paris 10 days No Chips Nail Enamel: 

Whenever I buy nail paints it’s always the colour that attracts me first and not the brand it belongs to. So this one I picked up without much thinking.

In order to check the USP of their collection  which is its durability, I had applied the enamel without any base coat and top coat. 

Now here is an interesting part that I experienced regarding its brush which is absolutely different than the regular brush I use in other nail paints. 

This brush tip is wide and slanting so this helps in applying the enamel even at the corners in just a single swipe. Wow!! I was really impressed with that technique. 

I so wish all other brands to use this type of brush for their nail enamels.

In a single swipe I got that opaque colour (Although I apply 2 coats by default) which took ~2-3 minutes to dry up. I didn't mind the delay as the brand had never claimed to be a quick dry formula anyways.

Coming to its wearing time, here comes a twist in the tale, I saw the paint could last for maximum 2 days and then chipping started happening on top of my nails.

As per their product guide, I did the touch ups but that too stayed for just another 2 days.

Dupes/ Alternatives
Maybelline Express Finish in Fuchsia (~200 INR) in a close dupe.

  • Hands down this is a quality Nail Enamel in terms of its texture and finish.
  • This shade definitely gives you that instant pop to your fingers.
  • The highlight of this product is its slanting tip ‘BRUSH’
  • Single swipe is enough and gives a polish look to your nails.
  • There are 12 shades available to choose from.
  • Shade numbers are not mentioned anywhere in the bottle.
  • The product is without Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Acetone, Phthalates chemicals.
  • The 10 days wear with touch up is untrue for me.
  • Even the minimum 3 day+ claim is untrue for me.
  • It can be bought just for the ease of application otherwise we get more or less same colours from other brands as well.

WB verdict: Good

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